The Dark Hands of Oblivion (Las oscuras manos del olvido)

Country: El Salvador
Screening: Saturday, Oct. 6, 4.00 pm
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Spanish with English subtitles
Rated 18A (Warning: Strong images non-suitable for minors)
Where: Northrop Frye Hall, UofT (map)
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During the civil war of El Salvador back in the decade of the 80’s a horrific murder took place.

The documentary The Dark Hands of Oblivion tells the story of the murder of three American nuns, Ita Ford, Maura Clarke, Dorothy Kazel and the missionary Jean Donovan on December 2nd. Of 1980.

Responsible of such atrocity was one of the most repressive armed forces which no longer exists, El Salvador National Guard.

The scenes that the documentary show are hard and breathtaking and are not suitable for minors.

Unfortunately, the theme developed by Salvadorian director Mauro Arévalo is part of the history of El Salvador, the smallest country in Central America.

This dramatic event should never be forgotten and is shown on the documentary in the exact explicit order in which they happened and now remembered on the well documented film The Dark Hands of Oblivion.

This documentary will be screened on the same day of the film Romero, with Raul Julia, honoring the canonization of the murdered Salvadorian Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero at the Vatican on Sunday October 14th, 2018.