Country: Honduras
Screening: Friday, Oct. 12, 7.00 pm
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Spanish with English subtitles. Rated PG
Where: George Ignatieff Theatre (map)
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Francisco Morazán has been in Costa Rica for five months where he has been appointed Provisional Chief of State. It has called for elections to install a National Constituent Assembly, which should give a legal structure to the Costa Rican state. The Assembly has decreed the validity of the constitution of 1825, the same of the Central American Federation; has declared Costa Rica’s adhesion to the Republic of Central America; has authorized through special decree Francisco Morazán to organize the necessary forces to re-integrate the Republic and has declared him Liberator of Costa Rica. Two months later Francisco Morazán is shot one afternoon of September 15, 1842.

A rebellion of soldiers from San José and Alajuela in Costa Rica against the government of Francisco Morazán has generated the harassment at the barracks where he has bee sheltered with a group of loyal soldiers from September 11 to the 14th, day in which Morazán decides to break the siege that they have tended with more than three thousand rebel soldiers. After breaking the siege, Morazán goes to Cartago where he hopes that his friends support him with fresh troops to face the rebellion. Upon arriving in Cartago he discovers that his friends have betrayed him, and without giving him time to any defensive action, he is reached by the troops who have been chasing him from San Jose, and he is imprisoned next to his companions. The decision of the enemies of Morazán is that this one must be returned to San Jose to be shot immediately.

Directed by: Hispano Durón. Durón studied at the International School of Cinema and Television in Cuba. He earned a master’s degree in Anthropological Film at the University of Southern California and a PhD in Film Studies at the University of Kansas. In the US and Honduras he has served as a university professor.

Starring: Orlando Valenzuela, Tito Estrada, Melissa Merlo.

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