Malacrianza (The Crow’s Nest)

Screening: Thursday, June 29, 7.00pm
Jackman Hall Theatre, at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)
317 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G4 (Map)
English subtitles
Free admission, limited to theater capacity

Written and directed by Arturo Menéndez, Salvadorian film Malacrianza (The Crow’s Nest, 2015) tells the story of Don Cleo, a humble piñata vendor from a small town in El Salvador who receives an extortion letter at his doorstep. The letter instructs him to deliver US$500 in 72 hours or he will be killed. The amount seems near impossible for the seemingly destitute Don Cleo, as he navigates through his reality, neighbourhood, relationships and the few aspirations he still has.Don Cleo exhausts every opportunity to raise the money, gathering as much as possible from friends and acquaintances. Yet, as much as he tries, Don Cleo finds himself in more trouble than when he started. With no other hope to survive, Don Cleo decides to face his fears and stands up to his transgressors.

The film was shot on location in El Salvador. Many scenes from the film were shot in gangster-dominated areas, and reflect the violence that the director saw in his own life. The script was based on a collection of real stories collected by Arturo Menéndez.