La mariposa

Short movie
Country: Colombia / Canada
Screening: Thursday, Oct. 5, 7.00pm
General admission: $10. Seniors and students: $7
(includes feature film This Time Tomorrow / Mañana a esta hora)
English subtitles
Jackman Hall theatre, Art Gallery of Ontario (map)
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La Mariposa is about Carol, a seven-year-old girl, who struggles to understand why she can’t pass a regular swimming test so that she can go on a water slide, just like the other kids.

The language barrier stops Carol from comprehending why she’s often being told “No” and makes her question her ability to do what she wants to do.

Amidst her dilemma, Carol witnesses as her family struggles to accept their new home and watches her parent’s struggle to get back on their feet.

It’s an emotionally driven drama with following Carol’s relationship with her self and her parents.

The film is being produced in part with the University of British Columbia’s Film Production program within the Department of Theater and Film in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It is entrirely self funded by the Executive Producers; Andy Alvarez (also director, writer and editor) and Mintie Pardoe.