Cineforum: ‘Hearts of Tango’

At Cineforum│lataff 2018, Latin American films and documentaries will be screened followed by open discussions managed by film directors, producers and/or Latin American Film Festival, lataff 2018 staff.

It’s a great opportunity to get to know the Latin American culture, language and the art of film making from such an important worldwide film community members.

Next in the program is the documentary Hearts of Tango (Argentina, Canada), with director Miguel Libedinsky. Please see poster below for details:


The concept of the Cineforum is essentially a film program, originally started by Toronto activist Reg Hartt, in 1992. Considered a cornerstone of the city’s alternative film scene, there is a physical theatre, located inside of Hartt’s Victorian townhouse at 463 Bathurst Street, capable of seating approximately 20 people. Films are screened regularly, and people are invited to attend the screenings and participate in the discussions held afterwards.

In 2015, this concept extended beyond the physical setting of Hartt’s home to other organizations, through the establishment of the Latin American Film Festival, a collection of film screenings organized by the Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council (HCHC).

The main goal of the Latin American Film Festival’s Cineforum is to create a place for the discussion of ideas and concepts related to the films being screened. In addition, it aims to promote the rich diversity of Latin-American culture in Canada, and to foster cross-cultural awareness and understanding.

Through the organization of round-table discussions with directors and cast members at film-screening events, the HCHC intends to offer the general public an atmosphere of open discussion and dialogue. Latin-American film is known for the exceptional quality of its story-telling characters, something which the HCHC invites you to experience for yourself, at one of its organized film screenings.