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After three successful festivals, the Toronto Latin American Film Festival (lataff) is preparing its 2018 festival, and we need your support. The 2018 film programming will be screened at the Art Gallery of Ontario, AGO and at the University of Toronto, UofT.

The lataff film genre are action, drama, thrillers, comedy, horror, short films and documentaries.

For this year 2018 we have the following projects:

  1. Cineforum│lataff 2018, Latin American films will be screened followed by open discussions managed by film experts. Workshops will take place to help viewers to appreciate the culture expressed by the Latino film art. 6 dates, 6 months.
  2. Lataff 16/35 Latino Canadian Film. For 2018 we want to expand our 16/35 programing from 6 to 10, as at lataff 2017, Canadian film makers from Colombia (2), Ecuador (1), Mexico (2), and Argentina screened their work receiving great acceptance and standing ovations.
  3. Lataff Documentaries, three days of Latin American documentaries with the support of Canadian and Latin American universities with film making studies.
  4. Lataff 2018 Latin American Film Festival will be held between the dates of October 19th and 27th.

Why support Lataff 2018

Lataff 2018 will continue screening superior quality Canadian Latin American films and Latin American films.

During lataff 2017 our film showcase raised the bar in terms of Latin American top film quality, the goal is screening the best and most innovative of Latin America.

Our Canadian public has shown a great enthusiasm and respect attending our unique screenings of documentaries, short films and feature films which are the backbone of our film festival.

The passion, cultural perspectives, richness, controversy and diversity of the Canadian Latino films and Latin American films, has a language of its own. Three words describe its identity: Outstanding Story Telling.

Why your help to Lataff is needed

Lataff is a non-profit organization, showcasing exclusive films from Latin American directors in the city. These films, which have never been released publically, illustrate the rich cultural aspects of specific Latin-American countries, as well as their broad linguistic and social diversity.

Now preparing for our 4th exciting year, we are kindly asking for your donations to bring in directors, producers, screenwriters, actors, and actresses, so they can promote their work and engage with their Canadian audiences. These funds would allow us to continue importing quality films from Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, covering the film rights’ fees as well as the needed accommodation and travel expenses of these amazing people.

With your donation, you can also receive awesome perks associated with the viewing of the films.

Help us to stay alive, to keep on supplying these extraordinary films, so we can reach a point of growth that will truly enrich our Canadian community!

The money collected will be destined to buy the screening rights of the most recent top Latin American films, pay the venue rent and buy advertising space at Canadian media.

How you can help

You can make a donation easily by visiting our Indiegogo project page. We can use all the help we can get, and all contributions are welcome.