2018 Program

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  • When: September 28th to October 27th
  • Where: Directions

Friday, Sept. 28

7.00 pm. 18 costuras. Mexico
Directed by Fernando Kalife
Meet Gastón Pavlovich, producer and writer. Q&A after the film screening.
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Saturday, Sept. 29

3.30 pm. Heiress of the Wind (Heredera del viento). Nicaragua
Directed by Gloria Carrión Fonseca
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7.00 pm. Johnny 100 Pesos, Chapter 2. Chile
Directed by Gustavo Graef Marino
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Friday, Oct. 5

7.00 pm. The Solar System (El sistema solar). Peru
Directed by Bacha Caravedo and Daniel Higashionna
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Saturday, Oct. 6

4.00 pm. The Dark Hands of Oblivion (Las oscuras manos del olvido). El Salvador
Directed by Mauro Arévalo
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7.00 pm. Romero. USA
Directed by John Duigan
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Friday, Oct. 12

7.00 pm. Cuba Libre. Cuba
Directed by Jorge Luis Sánchez
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Saturday, Oct. 13

2.00 pm. El Paso. Mexico
Directed by Everardo González
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7.00 pm. Short: Morning After. El Salvador / Canada
Directed by Patricia Chica
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7.30 pm. Eva & Candela. Colombia
Directed by Ruth Caudeli
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Friday, Oct. 19

7.00 pm. Like Fish In The Ice (Como pez en el hielo)
A Special Presentation of Telelatino TLN UNIVISION
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7.00 pm. All That Glitters Is Not Gold (No todo lo que brilla es oro)
A Special Presentation of Telelatino TLN UNIVISION
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8.00 pm. 8 Transgender Short Films
A Special Presentation by StoryCentre Canada and the Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples’ Trans Latina Ontario group (TLO). Read more

Saturday, Oct. 20

7.00 pm. Shadow Girl (Niña sombra). Chile / Canada
Directed by María Teresa Larraín
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Friday, Oct. 26

7.00 pm. Children of the Salt (Hijos de la sal). Venezuela
Directed by Luis and Andrés Rodríguez
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Saturday, Oct. 27

4.00 pm. Black Hole (Agujero negro). Ecuador
Directed by Diego Araujo
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7.00 pm. I Tita, A Life of Tango (Yo soy así, Tita de Buenos Aires). Argentina
Directed by Teresa Costantini
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