The Best of Latin American Cinema in Toronto

Welcome to the Toronto Latin American Film Festival, an appointment in our city with the very best of Latin American cinema, and a celebration of our cultural diversity through the great stories told in this selection of movies from the whole Spanish speaking continent.

We are the cultural and artistic thread between Latin American and other background heritage communities who enjoy watching movies and documentaries.

What inspires and moves us most is bringing together cultural diversity, age, religious, political and gender differences through our passionate and unique Latin American perspective on arts and film entertainment.

Proudly presented by the Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council, in collaboration with the City of Toronto, the Latin American Studies at the University of Toronto, and the Art Gallery of Ontario, the 2018 edition of the festival features movies from Peru, El Salvador, El Salvador/Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Chile/Canada, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, and Nicaragua.

See you at the movies!